Can Pakatan Lead?

I know that change is afoot, when my mom asks me this: Anwar is a weak leader and DAP cannot work together with PAS, if Pakatan Rakyat wins the next GE, can they lead?

First, it’s good that Anwar is a weak leader. We do not need another strong man like Mahathir. Look at what kind of troubles he brought. Second, all of the parties will find a way to work together simply for political survival. If they break up, they’re as good as dead. BN will not let them live.

Our country has developed to a point where the people now want more freedoms and a less authoritarian government. We would do well with a little more decentralisation and stronger institutions. That’s why it’s probably a good idea to have a less dominant leader, like Anwar, than someone like Muhyiddin.

Anwar, as a PM, would have to govern with the help of his Cabinet, which will be made up of people from all sides, hopefully the best. He would not be able to govern by sheer force of will. I wouldn’t trust him to do it anyway as he’s not very smart.

I also think that there are a lot of capable and intelligent leaders in PR who can help run the country. I do hope that they field better candidates this time around. It’s time to retire of the dead wood within their own parties.

Furthermore, they will all have to work together to ensure their political survival. They are such a big threat to BN now that they would not be able to survive if they were disunited. They’re all politicians, out for power. They will find some way to sort things out.

In fact, for their first term, they would not need to deal with any contentious issues. Our country is so wrecked with problems that there are just so many low-lying fruits to pick on. These issues are things that all the rakyat can work together, to fix, with the politicians.

So, I don’t see any real problems initially. The cracks will definitely occur later, when all the simple problems have been solved. Then, they’ll need to tackle the big contentious issues.

But by that time, Malaysia would hopefully be in a better position to handle any political crises that may crop up.

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