Taipei 101

We left the hot-spring village of Wulai to go straight into Taipei this morning. The moment that we arrived, we left our luggage at the hotel and went straight to Taipei 101 – the second tallest building in the world – and went up to the observation deck on the world’s fastest passenger elevator.

From that vantage, I came to realise that Taipei is a fairly small city. It is surrounded with mountains and hills. As a result, the city proper, doesn’t reach very far. However, the skyline is dotted with plenty of high-rise buildings. There seems to be no shortage of tall buildings.

In the evening, we went to the world famous ShiLin night market, where we had dinner made up of random foodstuff. I noticed a bunch of illegal traders selling their wares in the middle of the street and got to witness them running away from the Law, and returning back again after.

After binging on random food at the ShiLin, we went shopping for random stuff too. The regular stores around the area were all open for business as well. This brought into mind our guide’s joke that Taiwanese girls are fair because they only come out at night!

I have to say that there were a lot of people at the night market. It is unlike our pasar malam back home. They’ve got lots of games to play, and an auction! I even found this interesting arcade that had some girls at the door, attracting customers in.

All in all, an interesting day and night.

PS: I found this artist – WuChing – products quite amazing. Actually tempted me to buy something home.

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