Jiu Fen Street

Food, glorious food.

Well, that’s been the theme so far. After leaving the farm, we visited the famous Jiu Fen old street on our way to the hot-springs hotel. It is basically a narrow street filled with lots of random shopping and random food.

Our tour-guide introduced us to a quaint little restaurant that sold meat/fish balls, venison rice and drunken chicken. He also encouraged us to try a special ice-cream stuffed in a poh-piah wrap with sweet ground up peanuts.

After that, we just walked along the entire street from end to end, savouring all the random foods along the way and shopping for souvenirs.

When a funeral procession came through, everyone disappeared into the stores with their backs turned onto the procession. This reminded me of the traditional practice that we used to practice when I was a child, but no longer. I actually wondered what kind of person would have their funeral procession through such a busy street filled with tourists. It must’ve been the funeral of someone who lives in the area.

Anyway, we ended up at the Pause Landis – a posh feeling hot-spring hotel – in Wulai. I enjoyed a nice long dip in the hot water. It was nice to be able to just dip in the water, close my eyes, and listen to nothing. Dinner was exquisite too.

I’m looking forward to a good tomorrow.

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