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Honda CR-Z
Honda CR-Z (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK. I’ll have to admit that I’ve never attended a single political fund-raising dinner in my life. In fact, I’ve avoided them like the plague. However, I was invited to attend one tonite, by a friend, and I thought that I should just go to experience it. Boy, was it an interesting experience.

The venue was huge – a Chinese restaurant capable of catering to probably 150 tables at least. The food was your standard Chinese eight course dinner fare. Being a standard Chinese dinner, it started late, well past the agreed upon hour. Then, the food came out slowly as well. Each dish was accompanied by a half hour political speech from current and would-be politicos.

While the food wasn’t great, the speeches were certainly entertaining. And the way that they arranged the speakers – it ended with a climax. I learned so much about Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary tonight that it has put a damper on my plans to buy a Honda CR-Z hybrid. So, I guess that I’ll need to shop around for something else to buy then. Damn!

Now, this was a fund-raising dinner organised by the DAP, with participation from both PAS and PKR representatives. What first surprised me was the fact that this was held in a non-Halal Chinese restaurant with pork dishes served during dinner. While the Muslims had their own table with separate food, it was interesting that the PAS leaders would even grace the event with their presence. I have many Muslim friends who would not blink an eye when consuming pork but this was certainly atypical PAS.

Another thing that I found interesting was the racial rhetoric. Some of the speakers could openly say that they do not see race, and then proceed to classify the races, all within the same sentence. I found that thoroughly ironic. However, at least they are clear on their different position vis-a-vis that of the incumbent coalition.

However, the most amazing thing that I found was that the people were there to listen. Almost everyone stayed through to the end of the dinner, which ended just before midnight. Some of us jokingly said that we should have just had some McD downstairs instead. However, the restaurant was packed right up to the end.

And the most interesting thing that I got to see was the Ubah video. Man, it had much better production quality than the Janji Ditepati music video. It was also far more meaningful and heart-felt. I honestly think that they should buy a national spot and air the damn thing. It’d win them the elections.

PS: Besides the interesting speeches, I got to meet some friends – new and old ones. I had an enjoyable time sitting at my table.

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