Ultrabook: Samsung

Although my laptop is still working well enough for most intents and purposes, I have started to shop around as I intend to get myself a replacement laptop next year. If I do end up getting a new laptop next year, it would be an Ultrabook.

At first, I thought that I would get the Dell XPS 13. So, I went to the show-room to give it a try. The device seems to be a good buy except that it lacks a built-in card-reader and has no video output to speak of.

I need the video output due to the nature of my work. I do a lot of presentations and if I get the XPS13, I would need to buy a DisplayPort adapter to output to VGA.

More pressing is the fact that I also use my laptop as a desktop replacement. So, I need a HDMI port to stick a monitor to in order to quickly convert my laptop into a desktop. I have grown accustomed to this work-flow over the last few years. So, I will need a HDMI port as well.

Less troubling is the lack of a card-reader but it would definitely come in handy during travels, when all I cart around are my DSLR and my laptop. I like to download all the photos that I’ve taken at the end of the day to serve as a backup and also to free up space on my SD-cards as I shoot in RAW. This could always be solved by buying an external reader, but that just means having to carry around another device.

Therefore, I find the Samsung 5 series of ultrabooks more suitable – they have both a built-in HDMI and a card-reader, though they still lack a built-in VGA. I think that asking for one is a bit of a stretch as the female D-port size itself would be prohibitive for an Ultrabook.

That said, I think that I might hold-off on an Ultrabook purchase for a bit while the different manufacturers figure out how to make the next-generation of Ultrabooks. For now, a small upgrade to my laptop might be enough to keep it running for a while more.

PS: Goodness knows I’ve earned it!

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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