GE13 Date!

Since everyone and their mom seems to be placing bets on when the next General Elections are being held, I thought that I’d drop my prediction into the hat too. I have to stress that this is purely my personal opinion and does not represent the views of any other person or organisation.

I predict that we’re going to go full term.

My rationale for this prediction is simple enough. I don’t think that BN has the capability to win back two-thirds majority nor do they have the slightest chance to win back all the states. Whether the BN wins a simple majority or loses, both scenarios would be seen as a failure. Only an out-right massive win would be seen as victory.

As that is highly unlikely, our PM would likely have to swallow humble pie and take the blame for the results. If he doesn’t step down gracefully, his opponents would oust him out just like how our previous PM was shoved off unceremoniously.

Therefore, it is not in his interest to call an early election. In fact, it is in his best interest to stay on as the un-elected PM for the longest time possible to enjoy the perks of office. Since it is entirely the PM’s prerogative to call for the elections, I don’t see why he would.

That’s just my 2 sen on the topic.

Someone (not me) should start a pool.

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