As any good netizen, I go about changing my online passwords regularly. With the new Law coming in under the Evidence Act amendments, it was doubly important for me to increase my online security as I would be held liable for any illegal activity originating from my ISP account.

So, I went about to try to change my UNIFI passwords using the self-service portal. However, the option was grayed out and that was not possible to do.

So, I raised a ticket to ask for the proper way to do it (1-2599347454) and the reply I received left me aghast!

I was told that it was their policy to NOT allow their customers to change passwords ourselves. The only way was for them to reset it on their side, but TM will always know my password. There is no way for me to have my own secret password.

This just beguiles the mind.

I hope that TM realises the amount of liability that they are opening themselves up to. With the recent amendments to the Evidence Act, any TM contractor can get my password and login with it from another location to do illegal activity and I would be presumed by the Law to be the the one guilty of the illegal act.

What is wrong with you, TM?

If I ever get into hot soup with the Law, you’re going to be hearing from my Lawyers.

Published by

Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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