Aduhai Khaled Nordin

I just read this quote in an article in TheStar a few minutes ago claiming that “fewer students will be able to enter universities if the Government offers free education” and “only students with excellent results will have a chance to further their studies.”


Honestly, what are some of these cabinet ministers thinking (or not thinking). By implication, he is saying that the current system is the one that allows non-excellent students to further their studies. If it was taken away, these non-excellent students would not be able to go to University.

That explains a lot.

It explains why there are so many unemployed graduates in our country. It explains why the lecturers are complaining about the quality of their students. It explains the drop in standards and rankings of our local universities. It explains it all.

Our ivory towers are flooded by people who are not up to par.

As the Minister of Higher Education, he needs to take the necessary steps to ensure that only the excellent students go to university. That is the only way that we can restore the integrity and dignity into the system.

However, I don’t think that offering free education would make things better. I think that if education was free, the situation would only get worse as students would no longer be given the incentive to work hard and graduate fast, since it is free.

I hope that he does not run in the next GE.

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