Mansuh PTPTN

I’ll get straight to the point – I cannot possibly support the movement to abolish PTPTN.

The reason is simple enough, nobody forced these people to take a low interest rate education loan. Seriously. I feel that these people are a bunch of losers who are just trying to get out of their obligations to repay the loan. What’s worse is that if they had bothered to study hard and do well, they would have been given a free pass anyway.

So, these are a bunch of students who are unwilling to work for their studies and who want to get away with a free lunch. It just sickens me.

They are a bunch of selfish bozos who would rather saddle the rest of the country with more debt than to actually do the honourable thing and to repay their own debt. I personally know of many PTPTN receipients who have still not paid a sen of their debts even after working for many years. I try to counsel them to do so but they don’t feel the necessity to.

However, I made sure that my staff did not fall into this category. I made it very clear to them that they have to repay their PTPTN loans. I pay them well enough that they have no excuse not to repay the loan. It is a sad reflection on the character of a person if they do not repay their debts. I would not want to hire such people.

I too, am currently repaying my student loan. Incidentally, it’s about an order of magnitude more than the typical PTPTN loan. While it is extremely painful and stressful to pay it off, I am meeting my obligations on time and making damn well sure that I do not fall behind. It gets difficult at times but I am not going to owe anyone anything in life.

As for the argument for a free education, there is no such thing. Someone needs to pay for it. The argument that tertiary education needs to be free is hard to justify. Everyone already has free education up to the secondary level, which is more than enough to find work and live in this world. Nobody owes anyone advanced education.

If we make education free, someone still has to pay for it – the taxpayer.

I can support it if these students were fighting for better education e.g. better curriculum, better faculty, better experiences, etc. That would make perfect sense as they are merely demanding for better value for money – not to get free of their obligations. However, this is something that sickens me.

Our young are fast becoming too entitled – they feel that the world owes them a living. The fact is that, nobody does. The sooner they understand that, the sooner they will learn to work for things. A good life doesn’t come cheap and most definitely not without sacrifice.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

20 thoughts on “Mansuh PTPTN”

  1. “Don’t take study loan, don’t have to pay for study loan”

    Exactly, no such thing as free education. Malaysians just love free stuff, to the extent they think they are entitled to free education as well.

    It’s also shameful that those who protests are also students who aren’t even that smart, but below average students. And they have the gall to ask for free education. It is good enough that they are getting advanced education. In some countries, no matter how bright you are, no money, no talk. How ungrateful can Malaysians get today? Yet they can afford high interest rates for credit cards, car loans and house loans. ???

    We have it EASY here…

    1. It’s because they’re below average that they’re worried. They might not be able to get a good job after graduation and may have to actually work multiple jobs to pay off their student loans.

  2. Do government guarantee that every graduated student to be given a job? Is there enough opportunity for graduated student to find good job? If you don’t have job how can you make money and even pay for PTPTN?Loan interest? Are you kidding me? They have every right to fight for it.

    1. Nonsense. That’s exactly the wrong kind of attitude permeating the student body today.

      Nobody can guarantee anything in life, not even a job. To ask a government to guarantee jobs is just silly. One has to work for it themselves.

      1. Yes, it is true that one has to work for it. But do you realize that unemployment in Malaysia is high? What are we going to do with them? They have no money, they only have degree certification and also some loans of PTPTN. I am sure they have tried so hard to find the job. They got no where to go since they are blacklisted to go outside Malaysia.

        Maybe, only rich people can only have high education. There is no chance for
        poor people to go to university unless they take PTPTN.

        1. This is the exact attitude problem that makes them unable to get a job.

          Poor people have been going to university even before the existence of PTPTN.

          Most public Uni fees are barely a few thousand RM a year. They can work part-time during their student days to pay their way through school. So many people have done that before.

          There are always options.

    2. I have loads of friends today who are NOT RICH but still can afford education because they WORKED for it… Don’t generalize only rich people can get higher education. Some worked as a waiter, others do small business like selling nasi lemak. Why do they ask everything to be given for free? NOTHING IS FREE!! No chance of education unless you take PTPTN? RUBBISH! What, our poor fathers and mothers had PTPTN back then to study? What I remembered was that my Dad worked in cafes to pay off his study…

      And of course no one can guarantee a job when you graduate. What government can?? And yes unemployment is very high, but at least we don’t have to travel to other countries and become maids or manual laborers to get a job. We are still lucky here, Just change the attitude, and study hard. Do not be a typical student who only wait for the loan to come in to go shopping and then study just enough to pass the exam. Let’s not deny it, 90% of my friends do this, and so do my juniors, and my friends in uni today also wait for PTPTN to mostly go shopping. Can students guarantee the they are the 10% who don’t waste study loans on inconsequential stuff? This attitude only adds to the list of “why-i-am-unemployable”. If students make more effort in developing skills needed by employers and brushing up on their English than setting up tents for demos and holding up traffic, I am positive they will be more employable.

      School was free, higher education is necessary but can be still be seen as a privilege and luxury that our peers from other developing countries see as. You want it, you pay for it… Can’t afford it? Learn from the poor ones who WORKED for it… Don’t complain, be grateful and STOP BEING LAZY and hoping that everything will be handed to them on a silver platter.

      Or better, study hard, don’t get merely or below average grades, and try for a scholarship (at least our countries HAVE scholarships to give away). Or get great pointers in uni, and turn that loan into a scholarship. Sheesh, I pray that my kids won’t be this lazy and still want to defend themselves… MALUNYA!!!!

      1. I take it that you have a nice life right now. The reason why you tend to see things differently is because you didn’t go through what we are experiencing right now. I am currently a student in one of the most expensive private uni in Malaysia. My PTPTN loan is in the sum of RM56,000. I’m in my final year and my CGPA is 3.02. With the CGPA of 3.02 and being a graduate from a private Uni, how can I manage to get a good job to make money to pay my study loans? This is the question that I am afraid that there will be no comforting answers. Unlike you my friend, you are not like me. Maybe you are smarter or maybe you come from a wealthy family. I apologize if you find me a bit rude. I really do disagree with your opinions and I dont think that you understand our position and why are we fighting for this.

        1. The reason I have a good life now is because I have worked for it, since I was young. That’s why I cannot understand the entitled mentality that you kids have today. Like as though only your life is tough and everyone else owes you all a living.

          1) WTF are you doing in a private uni if you cannot afford it? That’s just STUPID. If you cannot afford a private education, don’t. That’s like blaming the credit card company for your over-spending. Go get a job, earn some cash, then go back to school. That’s what some of my students are doing at uni. They’ve worked several years and saved up some cash, then they go back to school.

          2) What makes you think that CGPA 3.02 can’t land you a job? As an employer, I can tell you that CGPA is less important than attitude. If you fail to land a job, it’s because of your entitled attitude. Stop blaming your results or your uni. People with worse results than you can get a job. Heck, people without a degree can get a job.

          I totally understand why you’re all fighting for it. I just disagree with all of you on this.

          Grow up!

          1. I agree with Shawn. If one cannot afford to pay the high cost for private university, work hard to get a place in public university which is more affordable for most people and relatively essier

              1. Exactly…

                You people think that to get a good job you must have a degree, so let’s go to private uni and all to get one, and blame it on others when you can’t pay back. You want it, you pay for it!

                A lot of people without a degree have made a better living for themselves than some of those with a a good education. Stop generalizing and learn from these people.

                Either work hard for it, or pay for your education yourself if you don’t agree to terms of the study loan. Stop jumping onto the bandwagon…

                And yes, do grow up!!

        2. Oh please… Why do you people keep implying only wealthy people can get higher education?

          “Unlike you my friend, you are not like me. Maybe you are smarter or maybe you come from a wealthy family.”
          Hello… and unlike you my friend, there are other people so much worse off than you and still don’t ask for free things in life. Unlike you, I am the oldest of 10 siblings, and have to help my parents to support them while studying!! Don’t give me crap ok…Instead of blaming anyone and ask for free things for my big family, we work hard to put food on the table, cos is it anyone’s fault we have a big family? No! Don’t be such a charity case…

          And a private Uni?? Wow, what a luxury… I am still paying off my PTPTN loan for public uni, along with other big commitments. I even skipped my PTPTN payment a few times, but that doesn’t mean I want it to be abolished. It is my responsibility. You don’t want to pay that much, don’t go to private uni!! And don’t give the other-people-are-smarter-so-they-have-it-easy attitude. Other people are dirt poor and not smart, but they work their ass off to survive and not whine and sulk and blame the world. It’s only lazy people and charity cases like you who say that since you’re not smart enough like other people, then you just enroll in private uni, because over there sure one you will be accepted. And then blame everyone else for the high fees and loan that you shouldn’t have taken in the first place if you cannot afford. And which part of work while studying did you not understand?? Millions have done that to support themselves through their study and pay tuition fees, and you don’t hear one word of complaint coming from them about inconsequential things (i.e. i’m not smart enough; i have such expensive loan etc.).

          “With the CGPA of 3.02 and being a graduate from a private Uni, how can I manage to get a good job to make money to pay my study loans?”
          I taught at INTEC before, students with straight As going overseas sponsored by the gov. I had one student with 4.0 CGPA and one with only 3.2, and the one with 3.2 got into Stanford while the 4.0 student was rejected. My own friend with a 4 flat also has a hard time finding a job now, because employers want workers with POSITIVE attitude, and preferably a person who is well rounded. Not just with brains… The point is, even if you’re stupid you can get a job lah, just don’t have a sucky attitude! If employers don’t want you, it’s because of your attitude, not because of your brains…

          I have so many more things to say but I can’t remember anymore… Suerly I will get back to this if I do…

          Lord, lazy and whiny people makes me nauseous… If you can’t survive here, then thank god that you weren’t born in Indonesia or Bangladesh where all of the luxuries you enjoy now are mostly deprived, for example, a job. You might complain even worse then…

    3. So let me get this straight. Instead of working our a** off to find a job or do well in university, we expect the future government to pay for our loan debt? Let me say that keyword again, LOAN debt – it’s not scholarship.

      Students basically have options whether to apply for PTPTN or not. What amazes me that after they agreed to apply for PTPTN, spent the money, then suddenly they don’t want to pay for it. Now, they say that PTPTN is unfair to the student, which wasn’t the case when they apply for it.

      1. When they signed the agreement to the loan, they just saw dollar signs.
        They should all get together and form their own country, and give everything away for free. See how far they can survive then. Sheesh, what a mentality…

  3. you are absolutely right. I am not supporting any political party,but the demo on abolish ptptn is simply doesnt make sense. Every words in this post clearly describe my thoughts on this issue. And another issue is that,if ptptn is abolished,what will be the situation of current students who are taking the loan.they are just a bunch of asshole only taking care from theirselve.

  4. this situation is just simple,it is loan,you take it,you pay for it. It is your choice whether to take the loan or not. Why not thse people who protest,go to the bank and ask for free money..and there is no such thing like unable to get a are there,it is just depends on you whether want it or not.i think people often want a job which has less task and high pay.just stop dreaming and work anything which get you paid.these people are just selfish,wanted to get a nice car after graduated and does not want to pay back the loan.just come on,just think about one point, you borrowed something,do you need to return it? Even kids are able to answer this.those who protests are worse than kids.

  5. some of my friend has said that you have to pay PTPTN for ‘sepanjang hayat’ and I said its ok you pay for sepanjang hayat, after your hayat is finish, you dont have to pay anymore. why must I worry about ptptn loan?

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