Blood and Chrome

Can I say that this looks friggin’ awesome!

Battlestar Galactica was mind-blowing, politically current, and dark. It lasted as long as it did because it dared to tackle the issues that others did not – a religious war, terrorism, politics. It was gritty and it saw a lot of space battles. I will always remember the scene in the pilot where the Galactica’s cannons were firing to cover the escape of the fleet from Ragnar.

One retired old ship against the horde.

Caprica gave me pause as it was going where I was not comfortable with it going but I thought that was what’s great about it as the writers were pushing boundaries. Unfortunately, there was not enough action in the series as it was a political drama and I guess, the viewer numbers dropped and it got axed quickly.

There wasn’t enough sex to keep it going either.

I hope that the writers will be able to do its predecessors justice and push more boundaries, with more awesome action.

As someone else said, “all this has happened before.”

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