F**k You TM!

Telekom Malaysia physically disconnected my phone line on the 21/Nov/2011. As my office is in a high-rise building, the standard installation for Unifi is using VDSL, which meant that TM would have had to physically disconnect my old line to install the Unifi line.

I diligently went to TMPoint on 23/Nov/2011 to inform TM of the upgrade from Streamyx/BizLine (D94501-606-0109) to Unifi (1004255475). Don’t ask me why it is that I have to do this since both systems are within the control of TM. Thank goodness I still have a yellow copy of the date-stamped form (SN: 101175) with me.

Unfortunately, TM decided to continue to bill me RM187 for Dec/2011 and another RM13 for Jan/2012. Don’t ask me where they invented these numbers from. I also don’t understand how they can issue two ‘final’ bills. As a result of these charges, my RM400 deposit got reduced to RM200.

I made two complaints for the two months (1-2255081038, 1-2466161140), and today, they informed me that management has approved an adjustment of RM90.


I cannot accept the adjustment of RM90. I’m very clear about Section 64 of our Contract Act that allows for part-payment of the consideration as full settlement. I’m not going to get cheated by TM on this.

I fully expect to get back the full RM400 deposit that I have with them. I don’t understand why are they screwing up royally?

F**k you TM!

PS: Might I remind you that you were the one who disconnected my phone line physically on the 21/Nov/2011. The service was terminated on that date, which is clearly reflected in your records. Bloody hell!

PPS: I’ve since made another report about this as a follow up for my earlier reports. I’m sure that you will be able to check the report numbers on your own system. I’m also sure that you can clearly see the installation dates of Unifi and cancellation dates of my phoneline along with the various pink bills that I have received.

PPPS: If you wish to get a copy of my yellow form, feel free to contact me. I’ll email you a scan copy.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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