1Malaysia Book Vouchers

I went to pick up my 1Malaysia Book Vouchers at the university today. I was the first person to collect the voucher (talk about kiasu). These are some things that I have learned about the voucher.

  1. The RM200 comes in four vouchers worth RM50 each.
  2. Each voucher has a serial number on it, which is recorded against my name at the university register.
  3. The vouchers have my name and IC number hand-written on it by the admin staff (they are for Malaysian students only).
  4. The vouchers are non-transferable (as they have my name and IC number on it).
  5. The vouchers are good in all book-stores nationwide (I have yet to test this out).
  6. The vouchers are only valid until 31 March 2012 (Why?).

So, I guess that Kino will benefit from my visit soon. I need to spend the RM200 by March anyway. I was hoping to be able to give it as angpow to my niece and nephews but it is non-transferable. So, I’ll still need to give them cash.

However, I’m not quite sure how the book-stores are going to enforce the non-transferable policy. I guess that they would need to insist on verifying my IC with my purchase.

Also, there are a number of security features built into the voucher. One that I spotted was that the lines in the voucher are not lines per se but tiny continuous prints of the title “BAUCER BUKU 1 MALAYSIA”. The same phrase is on the bit that looks like a scratch area on the right.

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