CPB2011 and ECUK

I was thinking about the CPB2011 and how this compares to the Engineering Council, UK registrations. The ECUK awards a number of professional registrations including the following:

  • Chartered Engineer (CEng)
  • Incorporated Engineer (IEng)
  • Engineering Technician (EngTech)
  • Information and Communications Technology Technician (ICTTech)

The two technician registrations are similar to the Registered Computing Practicioner category. The ICTTech allows someone without a degree to register, particularly if they have ICT relevant vendor qualifications, such as Cisco, Microsoft or Nortel, plus relevant ICT work experience.

The typical registration requirement for the IEng is a Bachelors degree plus relevant work experience while the CEng requires a Masters degree or equivalent work experience. This is similar to the Registered Computing Professionals category. In fact, the requirements for CEng is higher than the RCP as it typically requires a Masters and 5-years experience.

Where the two differ is that the ECUK recognises non-academic qualities such that a person without a degree can ultimately register as a CEng through a non-direct route by first registering as a Technician and upgrading their registrations through their career progression.

Our law-makers need to appreciate that not everyone is good with exams.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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