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I had Unifi installed in my company office yesterday, around noon. I subscribed to the BIZ5 business package for my office. As my office is a high-rise building, it uses a different technology to the residential installations – it uses the FTTC system that has the last mile connection using VDSL over copper. As a result, in order to install Unifi, they had to cut-off my Streamyx line in the process.

The installation was done successfully quite quickly but a few hours after the installation, the connection developed real problems. The VOIP light would turn red periodically and the DSL light would also turn off periodically. The dial-tone on my phone also sounds all wrong now.

As you can see from the screen-shot above, the packet loss is about 50% of the traffic. Speedtest is a non-starter.

What cheeses me off is the horrible customer service. I called them up to complain (1-1779264751) but they could not set a time for the contractor to fix my problem. As a business that relies on the Internet, the down-time is causing me some real issues.

When I called up the contractor’s mobile directly, we got into an argument as he told me that he was too busy to come to my office to fix my problem as he had too many Unifi installation orders to fill. I tried to reason with him with regards to priorities but it didn’t seem to get through to him.

So, I called up TM again to lodge a complaint (1-1782149233) against the installer as well as I am thoroughly unsatisfied with their service. I do hope that TM does something about the quality of their third party contractors as they seem to let barely qualified people do the installation.

I’d like to reiterate again that this is a business package. TM needs to learn that they must provide a certain quality of service when dealing with business customers. Afterall, we are paying more and getting less for the Unifi packages. What businesses require is reliability and the fact that if I call up to complain, my complains will be addressed within a reasonably window.

Later in the day, a couple of contractors arrived at my office to take a look at the issue. It turns out that there were a number of problems. The port turned out to be faulty and they changed my physical port. Also, they installed a line fuse for me as they showed me that the installer yesterday did not do it – shoddy workmanship.

While they were working, a couple of Maxis contractors turned up and they were even shoddier than the one who did the installation for me yesterday. They did not even have any equipment with them and had to ask for stuff from my TM guys fixing the line for me.

The lesson that I learned from this episode is to keep bugging TM for good service and they will try their best to deliver. Kudos to the contractors who serviced me today.

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Shawn Tan

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