Save the Muslim Aqidah

Man, reading this article by AP Ridhuan Tee makes me want to laugh. To be honest, I actually found it mildly amusing that this person can spout such idiocy with such conviction and eloquence.

It’s such a funny read that I don’t even want to bother to quote and rebut. Just go read it for yourself!

Honestly, this is the reason why I like to laugh at AP Ridhuan Tee. I do not pretend to know everything but seriously, this is exactly the kind of response that I would expect from people with small minds and balls who constantly feel like they’re under threat.

Can I say – get a life!

If you really want people to respect Islam and its followers, you need to start doing right things with it. The trouble with Islam in Malaysia is that it has been polluted by politics. As a result, it is seen with less respect. Separate the role of religion and the state.

Then, start doing more charity and make sure that the Zakat contributions actually end up where they are supposed to – in the hands of the poor and needy instead of some state coffer. Also, help everyone – not just your fellow Muslims as it will just be good PR.

There is no need to have this mass rally sh*t. It just doesn’t make any sense to do so as it doesn’t help paint the right picture about Islam as a universal and harmonious religion.

On another note, I’d really be interested to see how many ummah they can muster. Considering that there are only about 16 million Muslims in Malaysia, trying to muster a million is like dragging out every able bodied man, woman and child onto the streets.

Personally, I’d really like to see them succeed in doing that as it would show that Malaysians are at least serious about something and not just an apathetic bunch of idiots.

PS: And it’s “save” not “safe”.

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