Hiring Blues

My top three enemies in my hiring process are (in no particular order): multi-national companies, local immigration, and old-fashioned parents who have a pre-conceived notion of what a company should be. The last one is hurting me bad.

Published by

Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

6 thoughts on “Hiring Blues”

      1. Do you have any specific requirements? For example, are you looking for software or hardware/low-level electronics engineers? I couldn’t find that info on your website. I’m assuming you require both? More detail would be great, though.

        1. You’re right on all counts. 🙂
          I think that it’s quite evident based on the core business and product. What kind of details do you think are missing?

          1. 🙂 I think a little more information should be provided on the “hiring now” page itself. I understand the product from the homepage, but it is still unclear to me the kind of expertise or area of knowledge/interest you are looking for when hiring. Engineers and developers are of a wide variety, so perhaps more information regarding the scope of work would be helpful in narrowing down your potential prospects 🙂

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