Roomie Groomie

I attended my ex-roommate’s wedding today. I flew into KK first thing this morning and took a cab to the church the moment I landed at the airport. It was great to see him again after all these years and he still looks and acts the same.

When the bride was walking down the isle, I recalled something from the film – 27 dresses – and took a peek at my ex-roomie and caught him taking a deep breath and looking like a bumbling fool. I gave him a thumbs-up and he gave me a two thumbs-up in return. That was all that needed to be said I guess.

I’ve never met the bride before this. As his ex-roomie, I was privy to his prior crash-and-burns and I think that in this case, he was right in waiting for the right one to come along. From what I heard, they met during teacher training and he was instantly smitten when she knew what Evanrue was.

So, from what I gathered about her, she is the perfect Arcee to his Rodimus.

(the wedding cake had those on it instead)

As usual, I wish them a “white head till old” and “early born expensive son” and in their case, I actually think that they have a fighting chance to make it to the end.

A lovely and cute couple.


PS: Man, the bride sure has lots of cute Kadazan cousins and friends.

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