Career Entrepreneurship

I just read a short blog entry entitled “Entrepreneurship is NOT a Career Move” and I couldn’t agree with it more. And I know that I am very much an entrepreneur.

Most entrepreneurs are like artists: passionate and starving

While I am most definitely not starving yet, I have to say that I am going to get there. My monthly income is in the red. I have already instituted austerity measures in my life and I have managed to reduce my bleed-rate but I am still bleeding nonetheless. I am going to starve if I am not careful.

I still keep at it only because it is my passion, my love and giving up is not something I’d like do.

A student of mine asked me yesterday on how I could possibly live this way – working 18 hour days 7 days a week and bleeding cash – and the answer is simple. I am loving my work and living through it. I am well aware of the sacrifices that I am making but it’s all for the pursuit of happiness and I am happy.

It’s more than being a risk taker

That is true. If someone likes a game of chance, they are better served going to a casino. The odds are stacked against an entrepreneur and almost all startups fail. A person would need to be crazy if they decided that they had better chances of survival as an entrepreneur.

You need to have a purpose, something that you want to prove, in order to be an entrepreneur. In my case, it’s about saving the world, one bit at a time. I suffer from a messiah complex and that’s why I have been telling people that I’m starting a religion, not a business.


It’s who you are … all you know.

Again, it’s my life. I have not been financially dependent on my family since I was 12 (one day, I’ll write my autobiography) and that kind of independence changes a person. I cannot see myself working a regular 9-5 job. I generally suck at being an employee.

I don’t see how I could possibly be doing anything else, which is why I keep returning to it.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

2 thoughts on “Career Entrepreneurship”

  1. Shawn,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the post – sounds like you’ve got the right attitude. All the best with your company .. just remember to stay focused and spend time talking to others who’ve successfully accomplished what you’re trying to do.


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