Clean Stories

I will probably compile some of my favourite Bersih 2.0 stories here.

  • My favourite on so far, by a friend of mine – The Battle for Jalan Pudu:
    “It felt like an intense amount of chili powder gently and delicately rubbed onto every part of your exposed skin by Najib Razak”

  • The only one from the corporate media worth reading – A display of the people’s spirit:
    “Within the Tung Shin compound, I was hit the hardest by the tear gas. It burned my esophagus and eyes. I felt I was on the verge of passing out. Somehow, I managed to eat some salt.”

  • Sharing ice-cream with the police – Someone Did Win on July 9th:
    “What I experienced on the 9th of July is Malaysia. We are decent people, we are a people of quality. Those in power who are selfish or bigots or who try to divide the people – that is not Malaysia, and they are not deserving of Malaysia.”

  • A nice eye-witness account – I am Proud to be Malaysian:
    “I am not just proud to be Malaysian. More than that, I’m truly proud of my fellow Malaysians. May God bless you all.”

  • Nobody cares about Anwar anymore – The Difference:
    “Anwar could have been the Man in 2007, but Now it is Ambiga.”

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