Najib vs Bersih

An article in TheStar today reported that, “The July 9 rally organisers will be held responsible if the rally causes chaos in the country, warned Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on Sunday.”

I think that it is unfair to do so. It is the job of the police to ensure that things remain peaceful. If there is any party that should be blamed for any chaos, it’s the police.

Our local police should learn from some of their foreign partners on how to facilitate rallies so that they do not disrupt traffic and business too much.

Furthermore, if there is any party that is going to cause chaos in the country, it is likely to be the PERKASA group, whom have been very vocal with their intentions.

Like the adage goes, if you cannot beat them, join them. It would have been an unexpected move if our local police grow up from being bogeymen and became facilitators instead.

The article goes on further to quote our PM as saying that, “We do not want to win elections based on manipulation. We want to win because the rakyat supports and trusts us.”

That’s rich, coming from the person who engineered the defection of several state assemblymen and grabbed power in a state, expressedly against the results of the elections.


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Shawn Tan

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