OpsMalaysia Aftermath

TPB FTW!Seems that #OpsMalaysia has ended yesterday with a fizzle. While there were a number of hackers who had managed to attack a number of government related sites. However, most of these sites were able to recover quickly as corrective action was taken.

I would have to say that I do not think that most (or any) of these sites were attacked by Anonymous but were just attacked by other individuals or groups of individuals under the cover of the operation.

That said, I think that this is not the end of the operation as our country has basically extended an open invitation to subsequent waves of attacks. Sites, such as The Pirate Bay, have been blocked by some of our local ISPs and remain blocked.

However, it is really simple to work-around these blocks. Just point your DNS settings to one of the public DNS servers such as the ones provided by Google. You can get some configuration instructions here.

Then, you can continue to use TPB as if the censors weren’t in effect. While I do not condone illegal file-sharing, I do not think that our governments’ actions in this case was right. It should take more than just accusations to block a site.

Which court in Malaysia has found TPB guilty of breaking the law? Where’s the evidence? Where’s the due-process?

As I understand our Copyright Act, TPB is not guilty of breaking any law. Our law has a ‘fair use’ clause that allows a person to have up to three copies of a copyrighted work. But the most damning fact is that the TPB does not possess nor store any copyrighted works. It is just a search engine and an index. Hence, the government has no legal grounds to block TPB.

If the government wishes to block a search-engine or an indexer, they need to block Bing, Google, Yahoo as well.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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