Sleeping in Alor Setar

Yesterday, I was asked to attend a meeting in Alor Setar, Kedah. I have never been up here before. So, I bought myself a new Garmin GPS yesterday and I drove up first thing this morning, from KL.

I noticed a few things during the journey up but I think that I have found the secret to driving long-distance without fatigue – context switching. Normally, I would be quite tired just driving up to Ipoh. However, this time around, I did not feel any tiredness until I had actually passed Penang and was approaching Alor Setar. I am also not fatigued and am able to write this blog entry at 10.30pm.

I am really glad that I bought a GPS yesterday as I would have gotten lost otherwise.. I only bought it because I will be making a long working trip up to both Kedah and Penang this week and I am not familiar with the roads at either place. I wonder how people got about before the invention of the GPS.

During our evening break, I decided to go take a look around central Alor Setar (where I am staying) and I found that it reminded me of Kajang in the early 90s. In fact, they even have the same departmental store that we had in Kajang two decades ago!

While I do not buy pirated discs, one thing that caught my eye was RM10 pirated blue-ray discs. These things cost about RM25 back in KL and I am surprised that it is so much cheaper up north.

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