Bersatu Teguh


I just read an article in TheStar on comments by a Selangor UMNO leader who, “has slammed the state government for riding on the Federal Government’s success in garnering investors into the state.”

This is the exact problem with the mentality of our political leaders that are leading us into a mess of things. I can go further and say that the Federal Government’s success in garnering investors is due to the available resources of the state, and nothing to do with the government at all – i.e. we can replace the present federal government and still have the same result at the end.

The whole idea of having a government is so that they can work together with all necessary parties for the betterment of the country – and this includes working together with the political opposition because even having a political opposition is contributing towards the betterment.

What does this person think, that the advances of our nation are all due to the performance of just one group of people – the federal government? If that is the case, then this group of people must also accept all responsibility for the failures on our performance – e.g. like falling in all sorts of global indices.

So, I can turn this around and say that the Federal Government is responsible for all our failures. But no, we reap the seeds that we sow.


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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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