Robbed by the Police

After reading this article in MT about someone else’s experience of being ‘robbed’ by the local police, I recalled an incident that once happened to me at the junction of the LDP leading into the Federal Highway in PJ.

I was stopped by a traffic policeman on a motorbike and the usual thing happened when you get stopped the traffic police – i.e. asked for IC etc. I do not try to bribe the police but normally, try to talk my way out of it instead. Failing which, I would usually ask to be fined. It usually works if you speak nicely to the policeman and they’d rather not have the hassle of filing the paper-work.

At that time, I only had RM5 in my wallet. I showed him that I had very little money in my pocket (i.e. I couldn’t even bribe him if I wanted to) and that was when his hand flew in through the window, into my wallet and snatched the RM5 out of my wallet.

I was quite shocked – it was blatant day-light robbery – but what was I to do.

In the end, he told me that this was an ‘on-the-spot’ compound and returned my IC to me. Since that day, I no longer trust the police and use the term ‘on-the-spot’ compound quite a lot when talking about traffic police. I’ll recount the story whenever we share stories on how bad things are in the police force.

While I understand that these may be isolated cases, there are too many cases in isolation.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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