My Take on RPK

I am not an RPK fan-boy. If you read my blog regularly, you will see that I both support and criticise his views. That’s because I am a thinking man.

A lot has been said by many parties on his recent public admission on local television. I have been asked about this by some friends as well. I thought that I should put my personal take on his actions.

I must say that I do not know RPK. The only time I have spoken to him was to ask him a tough question that he was unable to answer – at a SABM forum.

There are those who think that he has sold out and is now back-stabbing the opposition. These people are brainless to say the least. Think about it for a moment. If he has sold out, then this is definitely not the worst thing that he can do. He can do a lot more damage to the opposition. Do you think that RPK does not have dirt on the opposition leaders?

There are those who think that he is back-stabbing the opposition now. Personally, I think that the opposition are doing more damage to themselves from within than without. The opposition regularly shoot themselves in the foot and kill each other. They do not need the likes of RPK to do them any harm which they are not already doing to themselves.

There are those who think that he is lying or has been lying all this time. Honestly, RPK keeps telling everyone to not believe what he says but to take in the information and process it for ourselves. He tells everyone to use our own brains and not to rely on him. Everyone has a bias, even RPK. His words are not gospel.

So, this is what I think of his actions.

I do not know what his motivations are but I am sure that if he was out to kill the opposition, they would have died a horrible death. RPK is just being RPK – the closet anarchist – and we need to learn how to deal with it.

He has a role to play, and he is playing it very well in bringing about change, not just in our political system, but also in our political mind-set. Otherwise, the change will not be sustainable and we will fall back into the same traps again.

I hope that he continues to stir the pot.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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