Daily Difference

While I have only left my previous employer for about 4-months, my daily life has already changed tremendously – even the regular daily routines. I noticed it this morning as I was coming to work at AESTE. I thought to myself, I no longer think about where to go for lunch.

This may surprise some people but the main activity to look forward to at my previous place was – lunch!

Nowadays, I hardly have time for lunch. I have often had lunch while on the road – driving. I know that it’s not a very healthy thing to do but that’s what I do when I am pressed for time. I’ll just grab a sandwich or energy bar with one hand while I drive with the other. That’s another reason why lunch is rarely the highlight of my day. I rarely have lunch with other human beings anymore.

The highlight of my day these days is – building things. 🙂

Published by

Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

6 thoughts on “Daily Difference”

      1. Seem that the stuff AESTE doing is quite hardcore.:) Any opportunity for a fresh graduate to join? What are the qualifications or skills do you looking for?

  1. Hello Shawn,

    Here is a little advice from me, an elderly aunt. Try not to take lunch in such a hurry manner, while driving especially. Health and safety should come first. Take good care of yourself, good things will just come along your way. Good luck. 😀

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