Race Sub-LIES

I sometimes wonder what has happened to the standards of journalism in the country. When lies are perpetrated and continue to be promoted by the main-stream newspapers, I wonder if they should be sued for disseminating mis-information.

Some noise was recently made about a sub-race requirement in university application forms. According to TheStar:

The application form was available at the UPU website http://upu.mohe.gov.my and applicants were required to fill up the “race” column and indicate their sub-race or dialect group under the sub-divisions column.

Applications had closed on April 4.

For example, under the Indian category, there are eight sub-divisions: Malayalee, Punjabi, Sikh, Tamil, Telegu, Malabari, Indian Muslim and Orissa.

Malays are sub-divided into Bugis, Boyan, Banjar, Jawa, Jawi Pekan and Minangkabau.

The Chinese, meanwhile, are sub-divided into Cantonese, Foochow, Hainanese, Henghua, Hokchia, Hokchiu, Hokkien, Khek (Hakka), Kwongsai, Teochew, Kongfoo and Hylam while the sub-divisions for the Orang Asli include Negrito, Semai, Semalai, Temiar, Senoi and Penan.

“The information is required because the ministry needs to tally it with the data at the NRD to check their citizenship status when processing the applications,” said Higher Education Ministry management of student admission division principal assistant director Rosmin Md. Amin.

What a shit-load of LIES!

Any Malaysian with brains will know that this is bull. The excuse given does not hold muster, even under a cursory examination. I would like to ask how they plan to check this against the NRD when the NRD does not even collect that information. The only information that the NRD collects in their forms is keturunan (ethnicity/race).

Please, do not believe me. Go download the forms from the NRD yourself and check to see if they collect the information. I have checked the MyKAD application form, the MyKID application form, and even the birth-certificate form.

As an Assistant Registrar for the SPR, I have seen hundreds of ICs in the country. Sometimes, I have to read the contents off the MyKAD chip because the person may not know what is the official information inside. I have yet to see someone claim to be a Chindian. We all invariably fall into one of the ‘official’ races in Malaysia.

NADA. I call your bluff.

I challenge TheStar to actually verify the information that they are given. All they needed to do is to call up the NRD to find out where such sub-race details are actually captured correctly. Otherwise, they have just been fed a shit-load of LIES by the Ministry and it is their duty as journalists to point it out.

Why can’t they even do the simplest thing. Sheesh!

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Shawn Tan

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