Fukushima Heroes

I respect the Japanese.CNN via my friend’s blog:

The beleaguered crew had to abandon the plant control room Tuesday night because of high radiation levels, Kyodo News reported, citing plant owner Tokyo Electric Power Company.

“Their situation is not great,” said David Brenner, director of the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University. “It’s pretty clear that they will be getting very high doses of radiation. There’s certainly the potential for lethal doses of radiation.

They know it, and I think you have to call these people heroes.”

I tear up, just thinking about it – these nameless people who walk into the furnace, knowing full well the implications of their selfless act, and walking in nonetheless. I sure hope that TEPCO and the Japanese government will take care of them and their families later, when the time comes.

The Japanese are really showing the world how to get their shit together in a crisis, while the Chinese sit idly by next door.

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