My Office

Near-Future Plans

The picture above is an artistic 3D rendering of my proposed office plan. The colours are all fake but the partitioning, windows, doors and furnitures are more or less there. The place is already rented and the renovations are done. The partitions have been installed along with the air-conditioning. Now, I am going through the pain of getting Streamyx set up (it’s been almost a friggin’ month!).

My office is divided into several areas. Counter clockwise from the main door is the lounge, pantry, toilet, meeting room, server/storage room, work area, reception. Although not all the furniture is in yet, some already are – all are being bought from IKEA in stages. The lack of stock on some of my favourite items at the store can be a pain at times.

My most pressing concern at the moment is securing some projects and staff. Hiring is a royal pain as it is extremely difficult to find good people. Since I’m taking the solo-founder route, things are a bit stressful as I have to take care of every little detail. The plus side of it is that, I will know how to do everything later, which is important.

I am also learning some patience. I am constantly surprised by how dumb some people are. However, since I need to get them to help me do stuff, I keep my cool and use every trick up my sleeve to turn them around. I have learned that it is always important to keep asking for something until I get it, and ask nicely.

The work area can already fit in 6 people comfortably. If I need more space, I may need to move some furniture or take out one partition – the yellow one in the image above. If I remove that partition, I can easily fit in up to 10 people in the work + reception area. Then, if I need more space, I can hijack the lounge or meeting areas too. But, if I can get to the point where I have 10 people working for me, I will move to a bigger office.

I pray to be able to have some revenues in Q1 this year. That will be a damn good start to the year. I will worry about profits later.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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