Azwan Ismail

Azwan is the person who came out on YouTube in the video above. As a result of his coming out, he has received numerous threats, including those to his life. According to TheStar, “Azwan Ismail told the Associated Press in a telephone interview on Tuesday he was taking safety precautions following fierce criticism over his clip, which was viewed more than 140,000 times on YouTube in just six days.”

Now, what shocks and stuns me is the response from various officials, as quoted by TheStar. I am not sure if this is a result of more creative editing and sensationalism but I am appalled at the type of responses. They have all basically responded by deriding Azwan and calling for more monitoring of gay groups and gay activities.

Not a single one of them urged for calm and restraint.

Come on. There are individuals out there who are calling for his blood and the official response only calls for more monitoring and enforcement against those who are being threatened, and not those who are doing the threatening. In a moral and civil society, it is those who threaten the lives of others, who should be monitored.

We only have ourselves to blame for this kind of retarded response.

Let me speculate here. If some of these gay groups and individuals get attacked, I wonder what would be the official response. If these people cannot depend on the institutions to protect their fundamental right to life and safety, you are just forcing them into a corner, where the only response to violence is more violence. Dumb asses.

I hope that someone would come out and urge for calm and restraint.

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