Malaysians for Change

From what I am reading around the Internet, I am beginning to gather that there are many Malaysians who want a change for Malaysia but we differ in the form of change that we want. This is where the problem stems, which will probably allow BN to retain power at the federal level come the next general elections.

There is a very large and organised group of Malaysians who want to change the political actors in the system, but are not comfortable with changing the system itself. There is a less formally organised group of Malaysians who want to change the political system itself. The former seems to be where the Pakatan Rakyat have positioned themselves while the MCLM is angling for the latter.

Myself? I am personally sick of the system. That is why, I find the MCLM very interesting and its candidates, a breath of fresh air.

However, when I speak to some of the people around me, they seem hell bent on just replacing BN with the PR and not thinking things through on whether that is actually a good thing or not. I like to point out to people that things can always get worse. The BN is definitely not the worst thing that can happen to Malaysia, we have still not struck rock bottom yet.

Presently, I spend quite a bit of my time on the ground, trying to sign up new voters into the system. During my duties, I am often asked for advice on whom to vote for. I do not believe that it is my place to tell someone else whom to vote for. So, I usually tell them to vote for whom they think is best.

However, our parliament is littered with too many monkeys and donkeys who speak out of their arse, whose brains are made of shite and whose hands are soiled. So, if I was asked whom I would vote for in the GE, I would vote for the human being as we have already sent too many monkeys and donkeys into parliament.

We need more people who can talk – like Khairy Jamaluddin – in order to translate the messages to the ground and capture voter mindshare. We need more people who can work – like Tony Pua – in order to do the analyses and come up with the strategies to better our nation. We also need some people who can fight – in order to do the necessary to put out fires on the ground.

I do hope that Malaysians wake up and realise that we do not just need to change the actors, we need to change the system. Our system of governance needs an overhaul and lots of retuning. That is the big picture and not about putting any particular coalition into power.


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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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