Tron: Legacy

Unemployment is nice for now. I managed to catch the first showing of TRON: Legacy today. To keep things short and sweet – it touched me.

I totally did not expect the show to move me so much considering that it is a Disney production and that it’s main attraction is Olivia Wilde and light-cycles. I won’t spoil things but I need to say that Olivia Wilde as Quorra – very fine; and that the light-cycle sequence was quite well done too and we get to see more than just cycles, in the show.

The show made me laugh, and more importantly, made me cry – several times. It’s not often that a show has that kind of an effect on me. The cinematography is classic Tron and the show was filled with 80s disco and classic 8-bit music. This brings back lots of memories from my childhood days, and the original Tron.

One thing that I would like to make note of is – the computer interface. For once, Hollywood did not screw up the command line. The parts of the show that actually showed the users accessing computer terminals, actually made use of real Unix commands. I was quite taken aback to see the correct commands used to execute the correct operations.

Furthermore, SUN should really be proud that their servers could keep the Tron universe running for more than a decade, without any power! The makers of the show also tipped their hat off to the FLOSS movement – splendidly anarchic too!

I really liked the show. I think it’s my favourite show this year and I will definitely buy the blu-ray when it comes out.

PS: I wonder what happened to TRON at the end?

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