Malaysia at WRO 2010


Malaysia emerged the overall champions at the World Robotics Olympiad, again, this year! From the official results we managed to win 2 golds and 3 silvers across the six categories in competition. The hosts, Philippines, managed to bag 2 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze. Malaysia also managed to win the bid to host the World Robot Olympiad in 2012!

The reason that I am so excited about this is because I played a role in helping out the organisers. I was one of the judges for the zone and national level competitions. I am also going to be involved in the WRO 2012 for sure. If I have enough resources, I will also get my company to provide technical support and help.

During this year’s competition, I was particularly impressed with the cute robot from SJKC Jalan Davidson (located close to the soon-to-be 100-storey eye-sore). The students made a LEGO robot that makes muruku and pulls a cup of teh tarik quite splendidly. I was quite impressed and hope that the students will go on to become engineers in the future!

Me, receiving a token of appreciation on behalf of all the judges.

I am always supportive of out-reach programmes like this, that try to inculcate a love for engineering in our children. Engineers build the foundation that a society stands on towards progress. It is always important to have plenty of good engineers in the country.


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