Zaid Ibrahim FTW!

The news sources and blogs are abuzz with the withdrawal of PKR deputy president hopeful, Zaid Ibrahim, from all his party posts and the deputy president elections. There are plenty of people calling him all kinds of names and lots of conspiracy theories are in the spinning. Personally, I think that we need more people like him – disruptive!

I was offered to join this party under the belief that I could promote enlightened and progressive politics; nurture and develop principled political values and culture that I consider indispensable to the development of democracy and good governance in this country. I was mistaken.

Regardless of what we may think of the man, I think that his track record speaks for itself. He was instrumental in weaving the disparate parties of the opposition together and drafting a framework for their cooperation. He was the only cabinet minister who ever quit his job, in recent history, on grounds of principle. He is a maverick.

In business, we refer to disruptive technology as “an innovation that creates a new (and unexpected) market by applying a different set of values.” If we apply this term to Malaysian politics, it means playing the game with a different set of rules than everyone else. In business, this is the strategy to unseat a dominant player – by playing to different rules.

Maverick is exactly what we want. Disruption is exactly what we need in the country.

I had a short conversation the other day, where someone senior mentioned that our government has lost the younger generation. If things on the ground are to be believed, this is most certainly the case. However, the opposition does not present a credible alternative as they are cut from the same cloth and play the game by the same rules.

What we need in Malaysia, is to change the rules of the game. For that, we need players who are able to disrupt the market and change the entire playing field. We need to move away from desktops and laptops onto pads and phones. We need to move away from cassettes and CDs onto MP3s and live casts.

I hope that Zaid Ibrahim will take this opportunity to quit PKR entirely, and to form a new credible alternative to our country’s politics – the Third Force. We need a cadre of high calibre and principled people to fix our country’s woes. Let’s kick some arse.

PS: Please drag people like Izzah along. That will send the right message to the PKR supremo!

Disclaimer: I am a disruptive person by nature. It has often been said that I am a difficult person to work with. I guess that Zaid Ibrahim is difficult too.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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