#1 on Facebook!

Hey, Malaysians are world #1 at something useful for once! According to research done, Malaysians have the largest number of friends on Facebook, and we spent the most time on Facebook! We averaged 233 friends while the Japanese only averaged 29 friends per person. I know of many people who easily have more than 233 FB friends. So, I am not surprised by this result.

What does this say about us as a society?

I think that it is actually quite reflective of ourselves. A friend once told me that in Malaysia, we have about a 2-degree of separation between any two people. After observing for the last few years, I am coming to the same conclusion myself. Now that a study has shown that an average Malaysian has 233 FB friends, it does not surprise me if I what my friend said was true.

It also shows that we have far too much free time on our hands, until we end up doing silly and potentially illegal things on FB. An example is the case of a man who claims that his doctored photographs appear randomly on FB. He has since resorted to making a police report on the issue.

I thought to myself – this is crazy! People really need to learn how to handle these kinds of situations online. It’s like the wild-wild-west online (why do you think it’s called the WWW?). You need to learn how to handle yourself so that things do not go the wrong way; and if they ever do, you need to know how to take care of it as well.

It is quite difficult for Malaysian police to do anything about these sort of things unless the perpetrator is traced and found to be a Malaysian residing in Malaysia. Otherwise, it is nearly impossible to take any sort of legal action as no real harm has been done, except to someone’s online reputation.

Weird and crazy sh*t happens!


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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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