Beethoven Virus

I have been watching a Korean Drama series recently – Beethoven Virus. Just like every other Korean Drama, the context of music is largely used as an excuse to stage a coming of age story with a love triangle thrown in the mix. However, with all that music flowing through the show, it struck me that software is very much like music – specifically, the Open Source Software movement.

Sheet music are like code – a set of instructions on what to do and when. In actual fact, it is a lot like code – which controls when certain electrical signals are triggered inside a processor. And the beauty of OSS is that it allows for artistic liberty – different interpretations and even modifications on the original composition. If music was not open, we would be lesser humans today. If software is not open, we will be lesser humans tomorrow.

Now, I have not even gotten to the performers and people who practice the ‘art’. There are so many other parallels that can be drawn there. Maybe it is time that we started to organise ourselves in a similar fashion.


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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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