The Diamond Age

After watching this commercial from IDEO, about the future of e-books and reader devices, it got me thinking about a previous blog post of mine on social reading – particularly my third idea and Coupland. However, Alice reminds me of something straight out of The Diamond Age, one of my favourite books and features strongly as the main mantra of my company.

I am most excited by Alice and its possibilities for educating our young in a far more immersive environment. Imagine a childrens’ book that encourages a child to learn about the natural environment by actively getting the child to step out of the house and into the real-world. It can use the built-in GPS on the reader to pull in local content for the child so that the book is customised for the local environment.

So, in Malaysia, the book may talk more about rain-forests and may even encourage the child to take a trip to one of our National Parks, where the child will be encouraged to hunt for photos of specific flora/fauna with the built-in camera on the reader. Successfully taking a photo would unlock deliverable gifts/toys and earn the child kudos points at the central repository.


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Shawn Tan

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