Revolting Policies?

Honestly, I just read this article in TheStar today and I was taken aback. It shocked me that one could now be arrested for influencing others to revolt against government policies!

Malaysiakini cartoonist Zulkiflee Anwar Ulhaque, better known as Zunar, was arrested Friday under the Sedition Act for publishing books considered ‘detrimental to public order’ and that could ‘influence the people to revolt against government policies’.

What shocked me was the fact that we could ‘revolt’ against a policy. How is that even possible? I can understand it if he incited people to revolt against the government, which was perfectly plausible. Numerous revolutions against governments have happened in the past in many countries. However, I am stunned that we can actually revolt against a policy! This is something new that I learned today.

I think that I am kind of interested in the whole idea of revolting against revolting policies. Do two negatives make a positive?

What I am less clear on is what law does this whole ‘revolting against policy’ fall under. I am not a lawyer but I doubt that it would be covered under the Sedition Act. Weird, but stranger things have happened in Boleh-lund.

Can someone spell last throes?

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Shawn Tan

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