Tokyo Girls

Tokyo girls look different from the Osaka girls. I would say that they are generally ‘dressier’ than the Osaka girls. I have to say that this impression was formed entirely from observations on the main streets of Ginza and Harajuku. So, it may be biased towards a specific class or set of local Japanese people.

That said, we went for dinner in Shinjuku and had to cross Kabuki-Cho to get to the restaurant. Our tour guide was very careful in exposing us to some of the local delicacies and warned us of the dangers lurking around this area of Tokyo. It was an interesting place to be as a tourist. I actually got to see a few ducks selling their services to some of the local women passing by. I also saw one getting into an on-site negotiation. It was all interesting.

Tomorrow, I will be going to Akihabara on my own, while the rest of my family are in Disneyland. I hope that nothing untoward happens. I will need to rest well tonight after such an exhausting day of shopping today!

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Shawn Tan

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