Critical Inception

I just got to watch Inception today, after hearing rave reviews on it from many people. In the end, I didn’t think that it was all that great and I might not even buy the BluRay when it comes out. Don’t misunderstand me, it is a good movie, just not great.

It was not as much of a mind-bender as I had hoped for. The story is pretty straight-forward and the ending was totally expected. The only question that remained is whether the last dream was a deeper dream level or if it was the superficial dream level. Either way, he managed to go down 5 dream levels! Since each dream-level over-clocks the brain by 20 times, that means that his brain was over-clocked 3,200,000 times!

The ending is definitely a dream, for various reasons – the fact that the kids didn’t seem to age a day and that the totem was spinning non-stop for the ending.

The best thing about the movie is Ellen Page – Ariadne (she’s even got a cool character name!). I’ve loved her acting since I saw ‘Hard Candy’ years ago. She pretty much carried off that entire movie, that and ‘Juno’ too. I honestly think that she is quite a good child actress that has grown well into adult roles – unlike Dakota Fanning.

That said, I may still get the BluRay if they throw in some extras.

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2 thoughts on “Critical Inception”

  1. ah, but the totem wobbled at the end so it MIGHT have been able to fall. And you never got to see the kids very clearly in most of the film so it’s hard to tell whether they’d aged.

    Ellen Page was great, I agree.

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