Entrepreneurs must be Crazy

I like this quote from a NY Times article about how a lady went from working for a management consultant, to working for venture capital, to starting her own business – successful or otherwise.

Exciting as it may be, however, the entrepreneurial life is far from easy. Stress is a regular part of the day. Money is tight. There are frequent emotional highs and lows, and the desire to succeed can become all-consuming. Underlying all of this is the knowledge that failure is the most likely outcome.

That’s the very essence of entrepreneurship – the delusional desire to succeed in the face of clear and present failure.

Published by

Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

4 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs must be Crazy”

    1. Very good read – sounds eerily familiar.
      I’m gonna integrate some of the material into the hiring page of my company website.

  1. Being an entrepreneur is really not easy. Your spouse or family must be very supportive. Else strained relationships is expected.

    But entrepreneurs are the one that is creating value. Here’s a video i want to share that is very interesting.

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