UUCA vs The Constitution

Stop screwing around with The ConstitutionI attended a public lecture today, on the UUCA and The Constitution given by Dr Azmi Sharom, Assoc Professor at the Faculty of Law, Universiti Malaya. The gist of his lecture can be summarised as – there are constitutional grounds for having the UUCA but the question is whether those constitutional provisions are limitless or if there are limits to them in order to grant all citizens equal rights.

This question is currently being put to the test in the case of the UKM four who have brought their case to the High Court. The crux of the argument is that a university student has less rights than a dumb jock who does not qualify to get into university. The larger issue is to ensure that our universities churn out future leaders, innovators and thinkers instead of sheeple.

He did not really have much to talk about and there were not very many questions from the audience since the topic is a fairly dry one on constitutional law. However, Azmi Sharom is friggin’ hilarious! He kept the entire auditorium entertained and in stitches for slightly more than an hour. He really knows how to speak to the crowd and pull people in. I even contributed a little to the entire act. It was fun!

I wonder if Azmi conducts his actual classes like this. It would be fun to have a lecturer that can turn a boring topic into the funniest lecture that I have attended in ages.

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