Private Led Schools

Our dearest PM has spelled out that the private sector needs to take a leading role in Malaysia during the 10MP period. His argument is that the people cannot rely on the government forever and that we need to grow up and take charge of our own futures. I argued a slightly different reason – that we cannot rely on our government, period.

So, one of the thought that occurred to me was solving this issue of education. Most people would agree that our education system is in shambles. I told some of my friends that all we needed was some rich tycoon to take things in his hand and start a bunch of free private schools, with good teachers, excellent infrastructure and a great syllabus.

Turns out that such a thing is definitely possible. I just read the ET article on the Sathya Barthi schools in India. Turns out that this Indian tycoon has done something very similar – set up a bunch of private schools to bring education to the poor children of India. And the schools are beginning to turn out results.

Unfortunately for us, while we do have many billionaire in Malaysia, they do not care enough about education to take up this challenge. Either that or they have not yet thought of doing such a thing. It does not need to be done by a single tycoon, a few of them can come together to do it. It’s not too difficult. It’s just basically a private school with a philanthropic twist.

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Shawn Tan

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