Retaining Talent

I attended a talk about perspectives on the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP) this evening at UCSI. Met up with some people I’ve not met in 12 years and it was good to touch base with them again. I also got to meet some new people and I hope that I would get to know more interesting people in the future.

One of the themes that came out of the talk was about attracting talent to Malaysia, particularly Malaysian talent who are now contributing their talents to overseas economies, back home to Malaysia. In line with this objective, our government is setting up another GLC to coordinate the effort in attracting these people back – ostensibly called the Talent Corp.


This will be another white elephant unless institutional changes are made first. I liked what KJ had to say about the entrenched system – of stifling freedoms, red-tape walls, and incompetent superiors. It all jived with my personal experiences. TP added that anyone who came home would leave very quickly once they get tired of these issues. That is exactly how I feel as well.

Many friends have advised me to go overseas. I have my reasons for staying and I will try my best to succeed against all odds.

However, I would like to add that the panelists all seemed to miss out on one thing – retaining existing talent. Instead of just focusing on attracting talent back home, we should not miss out the existing people who are being side-lined in our country today – who are suffocating under pressure of inanity. I can definitely relate to that.

Also, I like Fahmi Reza’s dress style – it’s so Retro!

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