AEMB Running RTOS in China on Altera


(I couldn’t sleep and it is almost 3am)

While randomly surfing the Internet and vainly googling my name, I came across some random Chinese sites. Since I don’t have a Chinese presence, I wondered what it was all about. Clicking on it turned out to be an interesting surprise. It seems that some diligent Chinese students decided to build a System-on-Chip (SoC) using my processor and ported a popular Real-Time-Operating-System (RTOS) to it! They even published an academic paper early this year to prove it. It was even reported in the local Chinese media.

So, now instead of just having the capability to boot Linux, my littlest processor that could is also capable of booting uC/OS-II (a popular commercial RTOS). I’m seriously proud of its accomplishments. Honestly, I don’t think that there is any reason that it won’t boot any other operating system as long as someone bothers to port it.

It’s just too bad that my Chinese is a little rusty. I can sort of make out what it says but I will try to get someone to do a proper translation of it for me instead. I can roughly understand that they chose my processor because it is Open Source and useful for research. There are other popular Open Source microprocessors out there and I wonder what made them choose mine. I wonder if it was because of the good real-time characteristics of my processor. I actually designed that as a feature – to provide good real-time support.

So, what have I learned from this paper – that the AEMB is now in China in addition to the US and EU; that the AEMB is capable of running an RTOS – uC/OS-II easily; that the AEMB has been implemented on Altera FPGA.

PS: I wonder if this counts as a citation. They did list me in the references section of their paper. I doubt that my present employer would care.

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