Fond Memories

Yesterday was a really important day for me – some would say that it was the most important day of my life. I am really lucky to have had all my family and a bunch of good friends with me.

My mother commented that I had a lot of friends – most certainly the largest group of people gathered outside the lawn at that time. I totally appreciate the effort that my friends had made to come see me off for possibly the last time. For some of us, we will probably never see each other again even if we make an effort to keep in touch.

One of my friends, silly and forgetful as she was, actually got me a card but did not actually write anything in it. So, she had to borrow a pen from my supervisor to write her message in it, which turned out to be really verbose and literal. Well, I have come to expect such randomness from my silly friend.

And my supervisor, whom I think is probably the best supervisor I had ever had, was also there to see me off. That was extremely nice of him, since supervisors rarely turn up, and he had a short chat with my family and said glowing things about me. I have come to realise that it is extremely rare for me to find someone who can actually get along with me as a supervisor. So, I have to thank my stars that I was lucky enough to have had one whom I could work with.

Another friend of mine also turned up to take a couple of photos – and his photo was the one that I selected as the image in my previous entry. I wish him all the best in his quest to walk down the same path that I have. It is a long and arduous one but it is well worth it in the end.

Some of my friends are actuallyon the midst of their studies and studying for their exams but still took time out to come see me. I sincerely appreciate them sacrificing their time so that I would not feel so alone. I hope that they will do well in their exams and make something of themselves in the future.

There were also a couple of soon to be done people, who came as well. It is too bad that they would be walking down a white sating instead of scarlet – I prefer the scarlet and so do they! Borrow a scarlet one from another friend after you get out onto the lawn.

Obviously, there were others there whom I did not mention in this post – that does not mean that I don’t appreciate the effort – I would like to thank you all the same for turning up on the biggest day of my life.

Now, one chapter of my life is officially closed. I do not think that there will be any other chapter quite like this one in the future. That said, I am looking forward to tackling the next chapter in life and I sure hope that I would succeed in it.

Signing off from under the English Channel.

Au revoir, mes amis

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

2 thoughts on “Fond Memories”

  1. Don’t forget about the people who are there in spirit but can’t be there physically. Congratulations again in crossing this hurdle, and for all the wonderful memories. Will see you in October!

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