Slippery Slope

I just read it this morning that KTM Komuter, has begun to operate women only coaches on their trains.


This is a friggin’ slippery slope. I don’t get why there are even people who are supportive of this decision. I had to whack it into the heads of my colleagues that it is a friggin’ slippery slope and remind them that they do not see the big picture. If they did, they would be worried because they would all lose their jobs. My colleagues said that it is just a small thing and I gently reminded them that everything starts as a small thing. Take away an inch at a time and before you know it, your rights have all been taken away, which is the problem with the people in this country.


I really wonder what problem are they trying to solve and if they think that they would be able to solve it by segregating women from men. This is the lazy man solution. There is nothing that they can do to enforce that policy. If a man chooses to sit in the women’s coach and then refused to budge, that man can delay the entire train unless they either give in to him or forcibly remove him. If they gave in to him, their policy is ruined. If they forcibly removed him, he would have a legal case against KTM because they do not have the legal authority to enforce such a rule.


Some women actually think that having a separate coach is a good idea. That’s just plain and dumb short-sighted thinking. These people are idiots to think that segregating coaches is a good idea. If we start segregating the genders on trains, we can continue to segregate them everywhere – think banks, schools, roads and even jobs. I don’t think that the women would be particularly happy if we kept them all out of consulting positions to protect them from the stares of men and told them all to stay at home and take care of the babies.

People need to learn how to deal with the problems in the real-world. If some idiotic guy gropes you on the train, kick him in the balls. If someone stares at your beautiful body, stare them down.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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