Acer Aspire 1810T

It's not a Ferrari but it is still sexy!There is another tiny laptop contender that has moved up to the top of the list – the Acer Aspire 1810T. It is the cousin to the Acer Ferrari that I talked about earlier. However, it has a couple of differences – it uses the Intel family of chipsets, it has a HDMI output, and it has a whopping 12-hour battery life!

According to most of the reviews that I have read, the battery life is extremely long even if it may not reach 12-hours. It can easily reach 8-hours on normal usage. According to one site, it is even greener than the average netbook and ultra-portable notebook class machines. This is a wonderful machine to have. Also, it is pretty cheap at only RM1849 in Malaysia.

The only drawbacks when compared to the Acer Ferrarri are: it comes with 2GB of memory but I can install another 2GB memory myself though it may cost a little extra; and it comes with the SU4100 processor that does not support hardware virtualisation. The 1810T is supposed to have a beefier model with a SU7300 processor that supports HVM and that would be a perfect buy for me but that would cost about RM400 more in a couple of months.

That said, even without HVM, it is not a show stopper. I will just have to make do with slower virtual machines, which is fine for development purposes.

PS: It even comes in Olympic Silver – with the Olympics Logo for an additional RM150 only!

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