Najib-Obama Match-maker

According to the online article, our government paid nearly RM77 million to APCO, an Israel-based public relations company from what I understand, to help manage a bunch of stuff including the recent greet-and-meet between Najib and Obama. According to the article, our Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department claims that due to the deteriorating relations between our two countries, it can only be mended by spending some good money.

Well, I won’t deny that our fences need mending. Goodness knows that our dear old Tun, spent a lot of his time pointing fingers at the US for causing all sorts of ills in this world. However, I cannot really understand one thing and one thing only.

Malaysia does not recognise Israel’s existence. That is why, we have “Israel” stamped in our passports as the only country where it is not a valid entry document. I think that this was largely done in a stance of solidarity with our Palestinian brothers because our country cannot condone the kinds of things happening there. Okay, the historical, political, religious and other reasons are not important here.

By extension, we should not recognise any Israel-based entities because it would not be possible for us to enter into contract with an entity in a country whose laws we do not recognise. It also baffles me that we managed to issue payment to an invoice issued from a company that, for all intents and purposes, cannot exist because it is based in a country that we do not recognise.

However, I don’t see any of our opposition politicians asking this question and that worries me. Can’t anyone else see the flaw in the business logic of our government?

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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