Mamak Mee-Ah!

I went for a local musical production with a bunch of friends tonight. The musical was a spoof of random Broadway musicals but with a Malaysian twist to it. Boy was it good! It is showing for only a limited time only and I would totally encourage everyone to go watch it. You won’t regret it!

Seriously, go buy your ticket now! It’s hilarious! However, a lot of context is needed to understand it so don’t drag your expat friends along without giving them a thorough induction in all things Malaysian. The musical touches on all things Malaysian such as – our love for food, our adoration for Pak Lah, how much we like our neighbours down south and much more.

I particularly liked the reasons that they gave for why people should not venture down south – because their water is not fresh and the food here is better!

Now, let me talk about the venue. This was my first time to The Actors Studio @ Lot 10. I did not even know that there was anything on the roof-tops of Lot 10. Turns out that there is a bar, restaurant, gym and a small musical theatre. The construction of the facility seemed a little naked but it was good enough for its target audience.

Next, let me give you a list of the songs that they sang:

  1. I Feel Hungry
  2. Under the Tree
  3. I’ll Eat Anything
  4. Empty Chairs at Plastic Tables
  5. I Go2 Gt D Msg 2U
  6. Love Letters
  7. SMS
  8. Sambal Nights
  9. Mak Cik Life
  10. Over the Causeway
  11. If I Were a Tan Sri
  12. Bare Celebrities
  13. The Low Class Bad Word
  14. No Pork No Pork
  15. Bo Doh
  16. What I Had for Lunch
  17. Peas and Rice
  18. Mamak Mee-Ah

Sounds tasty, doesn’t it? 🙂

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

4 thoughts on “Mamak Mee-Ah!”

  1. Hey, just found your blog when i was looking for a review of the musical! glad you wrote nice things about it (i bought tix already) and am going on wed night!

  2. oh yeah, it was really fab – very enjoyable and very Malaysian. at one point, i was wondering whether the Singapore Tourism Board sponsored the show! too much advertising on what’s happening across the Causeway!

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